RCA.Activities.Excel Version

Bugs fixed

  • [ExcelApplicationScope]Edit message when excel file is set password protected sheet.
  • [ExportChart]Export chart missing when name file excel has chart name same.
  • [ExcelApplicationScope] At Textbox[Designer], change length when input more than 200 characters.
  • [ExcelApplicationScope] A loop opens Excel file in the background. Even though the workflow has been stopped.
  • [ExcelApplicationScope] Don't show message when WorkBook Path does exist, Wrong Format.
  • [ExcelApplicationScope] Don't show a message when entering incorrect data of Edit Password.
  • [ExcelCopyPasteRange] Modify message when user does not select value in [Copy Items].
  • [ExcelCopySheet] Screen hangs when typing Destination File Path does not have permission to access.
  • [ExcelSetBorder] Wrong behavior when set property Range = nothing.
  • [ExcelReadCell] Data is not kept when [Preserve Format] is checked and [Cell] is a fixed address.