This activity allows you to add items to an existing collection.


(* for Mandatory)



  • Public (Checkbox) - Check if you want to public it. Remember to consider data security requirement before using it.
  • Display Name (String) - The name of this activity. You can edit the name of the activity to organize and structure your code better.
    E.g: “Add to Collection”
  • TypeArgument (Dropdown List) - The type argument of the collection and the item you want to add. You can select different options based on the data type of the collection you use.
    Notes: Once the TypeArgument is set, the Item and Collection properties' variable type will automatically updated accordingly and will only accept said variable type as input.
  • Item (TypeArgument)* - The number of item you want to add to the collection.
  • Collection (ICollection<T>) - The collection that receives the new item.

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