This activity allows you to retrieve the credentials from a specified target from the Windows Credential Manager as a secure string (password) and a string (username). Additionally, a boolean value is returned to let you know if the process was successful or not.


(* for Mandatory)



  • Credential Type - The type of credential that your want to retrieve. The following options are available:
    ・None: No credential type is applied.
    ・Generic: Retrieve any credential. Credential is retrieve from Generic Credential section in Windows Credential Manager.
    ・DomainPassword: A password can be retrieved from Windows Credential section in Windows Credential Manager.
    ・DomainCertificate: Retrieves the credential for Certificates only from “Certificate based Credential” section in Credential Manager.
    ・DomainVisiblePassword: A password credential specific to Microsoft authentication packages (Passport).
  • Credential Name (String)* - The name of the credentials that you want to retrieve from windows credentials.


  • Public (Checkbox) - Check if you want to public it. Remember to consider data security requirement before using it.
  • Display Name (String) - The name of this activity. You can edit the name of the activity to organize and structure your code better.
    E.g: Get Credentials


  • Password (String)* - The password retrieved for the specified target, as a secureString variable.
  • Username (String)* - The username retrieved for the specified target, as a string variable.
  • Result (Boolean) - A Boolean variable that indicates whether the given credentials were successfully get from Windows Credential Manager.

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