RCA.Activities.NativeBrowser VersionĀ

Bugs fixed

  • [Fixed] [ExtractStructuredData] Throw BrowserNotSetException without DelayBefore
  • [Fixed] [ExtractStructuredData] Haven't checked if the browser is open, the extension is not connected when "Add Column" at Extract Wizard
  • [Fixed] (General error of NativeBrowser) DelayAfter wrongly saved in output
  • [Fixed] (General error of NativeBrowser) When entering TimeoutMS <= 0, TimeoutMS is not set 30 seconds
  • [Fixed] [NavigateTo] Navigate to success when TimeoutMS sets too short
  • [Fixed] [AttachBrowser] TimeoutMs not working properly when Selector invalid
  • [Fixed] [InjectJS] InjectJS multiple times on 1 browser