RCA.Activities.Core v2.2.0.1

Bugs Fixed

  • [SetTransactionStatus] The bot still works normally even though TimeoutMS is less than or equals 0.
  • [SetTransactionProgress] The bot has not ignored the error on Set Transaction status activity even though the property: Continue on error is True.
  • [GetQueueItems] There was an error while creating the Output variable: Queue Items.
  • [DeleteQueueItems] Can set the status for Queue Items from Abandoned, Failed, Successful to Deleted.
  • [PostponeTransactionItem] System throws an unexpected exception when the Agent is deleted right before PostponeTransactionItem is executed.
  • [PostponeTransactionItem] PostponeTransactionItem works even when Deadline <= Postpone.
  • [PostponeTransactionItem] Items with 'InProgress' can be postponed.
  • [AddQueueItem] Should NOT allow adding a QueueItem with "Postpone" after "Deadline".