The Close Window activity allows you to close an application window on the screen.


(*For mandatory)

In the body of activity

  • Pick target element* - Chooses the window to close. This activity will generate a string variable (Selector) to specify the location of that window.



  • Continue On Error (Boolean) - A Boolean variable has two possible values: True or False
    - True: allows the rest of the process to continue the execution even an error occurs within the activity.
    - False: blocks the process from continuing the execution.
  • Delay After (Int32) - Delay time (in milliseconds) after executing the activity.
    E.g: 300
  • Delay Before (Int32) - Delay time (in milliseconds) before the activity begins performing any operations.
    E.g: 300
  • Timeout MS (Int32) - The amount of time (in milliseconds) to wait for the activity to run. The default amount of time is 30000 milliseconds.
    E.g: 30000


  • Selector (String)* - String of characters that identifies the location of the window.


  • Public (Checkbox) - Check if you want to public the activity. Remember to consider data security requirement before using this property.
  • Display Name (String) - The name of this activity. You can edit the name of the activity to organize and structure your code better.
    E.g: [1312..] Close Window


  • Automation Base (Dropdown list) - Specify the version of Automation library. This option goes together with Process argument.
  • Element (AutomationElement) - Uses variable with type = ‘AutomationElement’ as input instead of selector string.
  • From (UiElement) - UiElement variable to root when searching for element with Selector string (if not filled, look from desktop root).
  • Use Window (WindowApp) *- Use output variable from Open Window or Window Scope to scope for activity (similar to From).


  • Wait For Disable (Checkbox)- - Waits for element to be unable to interact with.
  • Wait For Enable (Checkbox) - Waits for element to be able to interact with.
  • Wait For Vanish (Checkbox) - Waits for element to vanish.