To learn what has changed in akaBot Center, check out the release notes below.

Bug fixes

  • [Fix] Agent’s performance was improved.
  • [Fix] Token expiration was fixed to be more flexible.


  • [Update] Dashboard: Components on the dashboard were restructured.
  • [Update] The UI was improved with a friendlier style.
  • [Update] Add new schedule: Easier for you to create some special schedules without using Cron Expression. This screen covers more cases of schedule.

Feature availability

  • [Add] Quick Navigation: From the dashboard, you can easily navigate to a page, package, agent, agent group, workflow, asset, queue, schedule,…
  • [Add] "Quick Create" button: Quickly create a Task/ Schedule/Workflow/Trigger/Agent from the dashboard.
  • [Add] Holidays setting: Set up holidays for Bots.
  • [Add] Productivity tab:  View all Agent's activities on a calendar. So that you can create a schedule for Bots from here easily and make the best use of Agents.
  • [Add] Token management: Easier to create a new token to access the API without sending account and password to the third party.
  • [Add] Clean data: Delete the unnecessary data to improve the whole system's performance.
  • [Add] Agent pool: Make the best use of Agents by setting a pool for them. The available Agents in the pool will be assigned automatically when a request was created.