Bugs fixed

  • Create Folder/Rename/New/NewFromTemplate file/folder name containing voiced characters.
  • Expression Editor does not support clicking items from the suggestion list.
  • The studio does not close the suggestion window when losing focus.
  • Project explorer shows the wrong icon for the folder whose name has .xml, .txt, …
  • Show error when project explorer creates or renames with a too-long full path.
  • Variable\Argument in Selector property is not changed when Variable\Argument name is changed.
  • Disable the Debug button while Studio is running.
  • Button Start and Stop do not auto change status when ending workflow.
  • Add a limit for Exception Details on [Runtime Execution Error] Dialog (10000 chars).


  • Update Expression Editor to hide suggestion window and Tooltip when there is no result.
  • Allow to create new Variable\Argument with Unicode characters and not allow Variable\Argument name to be the same as VB type when Ctrl+K, Ctrl+M, SelectorEditor.
  • Import namespace/assembly RCA.Activities.Core into the default template.

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