Rejecting Document

Sometimes you receive a document that contains errors or lacks significant data – for example missing order ID, incorrect company information or unreadable parts of the document. With a rejection workflow, you can notify the sender of the document (or somebody in your company) of the things that should be corrected – via email sent right from the akaBot Vision interface. The document then gets to the Rejected tab and the sender can send a new corrected version.

How to reject the document

You can reject the document on the validation screen by clicking on the icon rejection icon, as shown in the picture below. Afterward, you will be able to fill in the email address where the rejection notification should be sent. This would usually be the sender of the document. Together with the email of the recipient, you can also fill the rejection note which will tell the recipient what to do with the rejected document.



What happens after rejecting the document

After rejecting the document, the following two actions will happen:

  1. An email will be sent to the selected recipient.
  2. The document will be moved to the rejected tab.

And the rejected document will be also moved to the “Rejected” tab.