When you register for a new akaBot Vision account, both Tenant and User accounts are created.


  • You can view a Tenant as a container for all the PipelineGroups, pipelines, and documents that you can see when you log in to your akaBot Vision account. The Tenant name is usually the same as your company name you filled during the registration process.

  • Moreover, one Tenant can serve as a PipelineGroup for multiple Users. The User who created the trial account of the Tenant is an Admin User. The User can now create and edit other User accounts and assign them rights to Pipelines as needed.

  • The best practice when you have already created a Tenant account for your company is to create new user accounts for your colleagues directly via the users' settings. After being invited, your colleagues do not need to go through the whole trial registration process.

  • Please note that users cannot be moved between different Tenants. If you already created a new Tenant account and you would like to share the same Tenant account with a colleague of yours who had created a different Tenant, go ahead and create a new user account for your colleague via the users' settings instead.



Managing multiple Tenants

  • If you are responsible for managing multiple akaBot Vision tenants where each tenant represents a new department or a customer, you might need better capabilities for managing such tenants. At akaBot Vision, you have the ability to become a tenant admin who has access to multiple tenants.

📜 The tenant admin user role is enabled only on-demand and is available as a priced add-on.