In this article, we will explain to you how to use Tenants & pipelines and how to move documents among pipelines as well as tabs.

What is the difference between tenant and pipeline?

Let’s start with the basics. Tenant allows you to group related pipelines into one organizational unit. You can consider Tenants as the big organizational unit representing a specific customer (if you are a business process outsourcing company) or department. Pipelines could then be used for separating documents by document type. However, the design of your Tenants and pipeline hierarchy highly depends on your specific use case.

Getting first documents to akaBot Vision

First of all, let’s mention how the documents can be uploaded to a particular pipeline. There are different ways:

  • Manual upload using the web application
  • Automatic import (via e.g. akaBot Studio)

Once you upload the document, it will end up in a particular Tenant and pipeline.

How to move documents in akaBot Vision

Select particular documents.

Click on the button at the bottom where you can choose where you want to move these documents.

The moving button is available in any tab (=to review, postponed, confirmed, exported, deleted).

Moving documents among tabs

You might need to move documents among different tabs within the same pipeline. This is usually done “naturally” while you process the documents through akaBot Vision. You can read more about the document’s lifecycle in akaBot Vision.

However, you might have deleted a document by accident or you might want to edit an already exported document again. In such cases, you can click the Retry button to reprocess this document.

Afterward, the document will be moved to the To Review tab of the same pipeline.